Gum.permission_denied on Chrome

Hello everyone,

I am getting crazy trying to solve this bug.
this is my infrastructure:

JITSI server:

frontend server

    /achat/index.php -> calls to
    /achat/jitsi/conference.php -> which contains the iframe for the conference stopped working when I moved the index.php in the subfolder /achat/


020-05-05T09:58:46.456Z [features/base/tracks] Failed to create local tracks ["video"] s {gum: {…}, 
name: "gum.permission_denied", message: "User denied permission to use device(s): video", stack: 
"Error↵    at new s (…"}

BUT it is NOT asking to me for any permission even resetting the website permission. but it is not a “real” permission issues, as before moving to a subfolder it worked.

ty for you help!
hopefully we can solve this

Hello people,

is there any chance we can find a solution?

Same issue happens for me.
This happens on chrome normal mode only.
it works on chrome incognito and other browsers.
Any idea ?

Maybe this will help: