Guideline for backend development

Is there a guideline for backend development? My goal is to add more properties to the participants and allow them to change their password after the first login? I didn’t find good documentation for BE components [bridge & jicofo] so I can run them locally and perform changes and test them? Which BE component is responsible for user management & login? Any help is appreciated


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This is prosody. Users are connecting through xmpp and joining in a muc.

Are you telling that UI (jitsi meet react repository) sending a request directly to prosody? Or the login request is sent to video bridge and then video bridge service communicating with prosody? Where I can find in the code the communication with prosody? Could you please point to that code?


Everything is here
And the xmpp part:

The only one communicating with the bridge through signalling is jicofo, clients send only media to jvb.
There is this diagram ports and stuff there are outdated but the components diagram is still relevant