Guide for setting up Jigasi with Voximplant

Re your questions:

Now that I have started optimizing it more, I hit bump with the documented muteIVR.js that I pasted into Voximplant as per documentation.
When I call in I get reminded every 5 min that I am unmuted and to press star 6 (i was on the call 28min in this case) but when I check the MuteIVR it does not make sense. Would you please advise how I can fix it?

That is odd. I would inspect the muteIvrState = new IVRState and unMuteIvrState functions to make sure the proper value is being passed there.

I am having a half a sec to a one sec delay from the time the person says something over the phone to the time i hear it and we end up talking over each other, is there a way to reduce leg on the SIP calls?

The PSTN introduces more latency than a straight IP to IP call, but you shouldn’t be able to notice it. There is no quick fix there that I know of - those kind of issues generally involve measuring latency at at different points. Perhaps you could ask Voximplant if they have any trace tools that could help on their end.

(I have asked this Voximplant and waiting for reply but adding this here in case others are interested) How many concurrent calls can be on 1 Toll Free and/Local SIP Number from Voximplant?

Did they respond? There shouldn’t be a practical limit for you here. They have some big contact center customers that handle hundreds of simultaneous calls or more.

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It would be great if there were a version of this for those of us using the official Docker images and docker-compose.yml. @Monotoko has added some useful context here: Working Voximplant example code for Jigasi SIP dial-in but I’m authenticating my users through LDAP, and even after creating an LDAP service account for jigasi, I’m still getting “Cannot load details for contact : XMPPError: item-not-found - cancel” in the Jigasi logs, and all my progress seems to have stopped there.

The VoxImplant IVR (Amazon Polly, from the logs) recites the meeting room name back to me correctly, and then says that the meeting hasn’t been started (which it has been) and no further errors show up in the logs, so I’m assuming that this is all due to my inability to authenticate the Jigasi user via LDAP, somehow.

Hi @Chad_Hart, I am going to need some hand holding here. I have installed all of Voximplant according to instructions however, jitsi does not answer incoming caller. Also there is no ability to dial out. Incoming calls just hang on the phone in silence. Voximplant tech support says that jitsi is not picking up the call on my end. Can you help me trace this please?


Adding to last post @Chad_Hart – This is a line from /var/jitsi/jigasi.log

2020-10-11 02:56:20.470 SEVERE: [40] not-authorized, host:localhost, port:5347
org.xmpp.component.ComponentException: not-authorized

Hi Bruce, were you able to figure this out?

Yes, thank you.

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@bbrout @sor2000
It seems like you guys had a similar issue than the one that I currently having. I’m stuck for two days on:

“Cannot load details for contact : XMPPError: item-not-found - cancel”

@chuckmckinnon did you ever fix your problem? I am having the same issue tracking it here: Jigasi Kubernetes fails to register with Prosody - No SIP Gateway enabled

I it helps, it looks like you have not set up a user. Try going here and see if that helps.

@damencho Hi i am using jitsi with voximplant.Everything is OK. Now i want JITSI to dial out on PSTN with extension e.g 051-123456 Ext 5289.
How can i do that.

What do you mean, make jigasi connect to your deployment and use the dialout. GitHub - jitsi/jigasi: Jigasi: a server-side application acting as a gateway to Jitsi Meet conferences. Currently allows regular SIP clients to join meetings and provides transcription capabilities.

No i have setup jigasi using voximplant.I can dial out on regular PSTN and mobile number.Now i want to call on numbers with extension.E.g +92-51-1234567 Ext:5289.
How i will add this Ext functionality?

By the number in voximplant and setup your IVR as described here: Jitsi phone dial-in and IVR connector | Tutorials |