GUI showing mute but people can still hear me

I refreshed and the problem was gone, but this is a serious issue, maybe it happens after being on the same call for too long?

4 hours call

the other users could see that I am unmuted but could still hear me.

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I couldn’t upload this pcapng because I think it only accepts pcap, so I made a link to it

This is a trace of the video showing after screen sharing even though it says it does not. Watch the video to understand more, I’ll upload later.

Didn’t you mention this issue on the community call, or was that someone else?

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Yep, I did, I think it’s the same issue but just with video, thinking that camera/microphone is off but it actually isn’t…

Here is a screen cap, hope it helps!

Perhaps follow up on this thread - [Major Bug] Mute not working for some users Better to have the issue addressed in one place so all contributions are easy to see.