Guest vs Admin roles needed

I host in-person and online debates. For a formal structure we need the moderator to have control over guests listening in, and preventing guests from muting and kicking random people out. The newer “Lobby” feature is a great step forward as once you boot a disrupter you can prevent them from re-entering, but it would be so much better to have that safeguard beforehand.

I would suggest that whoever is in a room longest automatically has the Admin role. The admin role is the one that can “Mute”, “Mute everyone else”, “Kick Out”, “Set & Change password”, and assign Admin roles to others. Everyone else would have a guest role that can only control their own Video & Audio, and can “ignore” others (mute only for them but not others).

Without this feature I’m still having to resort to Zoom which I’m trying to get away from…Thoughts?

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Yes, these roles are already existent in Jitsi. If you host your own Jitsi server, you can have authenticated users (moderators) separate from guests. And the moderators can do all those actions you listed.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of running your own server, then I strongly recommend looking at an 8x8 plan. 8x8 is Jitsi’s parent company. They’re currently running an incredible promo - 99 cents a month! :open_mouth: A muuuuuuuuch better deal than you can ever hope for on Zoom and without any of the security concerns or additional payment for premium features. Check it out: