GSoC - Video background effects for Jitsi Meet mobile

Greetings, Jitsi Community! and @saghul

I am Sen Fang(Wirth) studying Computer Science and Technology at Henan University in China. I’m good at using the JS/PHP, HTML/CSS, Python, React/React Native/Wordpress, and antdpro/bootstrap4. I’ve been to Bytedance youth camps, it’s like Google Step or Exploratory Microsoft programs. I have also worked in the virtual reality laboratory and have some experience in the algorithm processing of images. I am very happy to participate in the JITSI project, I have full confidence in its prospects, and I will continue to contribute to the project even after the GSoC ends.

I am interested in working on “Video background effects for Jitsi Meet mobile: Add blur and virtual backgrounds to the Jitsi Meet mobile apps. ”

For image, I plan to use open CV and tensorflow to assist. He needs to write some key code: portrait extraction background blur blur algorithm, display output image algorithm and so on. As for the detailed steps, I have written them in the proposal and sent them to the email( yesterday. My email is:

I’d want to receive some feedback from you about the proposal draft, such as whether there are any further features. Like special effects on people’s faces.

Looking forward to your reply and advice.

Thanks again.

Thanks for your proposal! I’ll try to take look today or tomorrow.

Hello @saghul , Good morning

I want to show you some of my research , it may be helpfull , have a look