[GSOC] React Native SDK

Hi community!
I am Filip, Computer Science graduate student @TU Berlin and I will implement a React Native SDK as my GSOC project! Some of you wrote me messages or posted in other threads so I am aware how hot this topic is and I’m very excited to get started on it with help of my mentors @saghul and @Titus-Andrei_Moldova :slight_smile: If you have anything to discuss, could be ideas, feedback or other topics, just create a post in this topic!
Very excited about the coming months


It’s great to have you, super excited by this!

@filiprejmus @saghul any updates on this ?

It’s under development! Expect more updates around august

You can find the PR with the WIP here!

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@filiprejmus This will be really powerful once completed. Let us know how we can help!

Hi Community!
My GSoC project is coming to an end. I wrote a blogpost about it here: GSOC 2022 Report - React Native SDK for Jitsi-Meet | Filip Rejmus
While it still needs some polishing and smaller changes we are definitely on a good way of releasing it very soon. Remaining ToDos are written down in the blogpost.
I will stay active in the community and help out with anything about the SDK after the ToDos are handled.