[GSoC] Music bot for Jitsi meet

Hi folks,

I am Harshit Jain from New Delhi, India. I’m a Computer Science and Engineering student and skilled with JavaScript, React and node.js. I’m always keen to explore and learn new technologies.

I’m thankful to Jitsi community for selecting my proposal for Google Summer of Code this year, to build a music bot for Jitsi Meet.

People love to listen to music together, for which they would like to start a video conference where they can enjoy music together with their friends and family. A music bot will allow users to do the same. This Music bot will be extremely simple to use, while in a meeting, just click on the Music icon and the bot automatically starts and joins the meeting. The bot will be controlled by writing simple English commands in the chat box like /play, /pause etc.

I feel a music bot feature would encourage more users to use Jitsi as this is a feature not many video conferencing platforms offer. I am looking forward to building a cool bot and integrating it with guidance from my mentor and the Jitsi developer community :sparkles:


Let’s gooooo! :musical_note: