[GSoC] JVB Prometheus Stats

Hello everyone,

My name is Alexandre, I’m an Informatics (aka Software) Engineering student and I’ll be contributing to Jitsi through Google Summer of Code this year! More specifically, my mentors and I will be adding a REST endpoint to the Jitsi Videobridge (JVB). This will allow Prometheus to scrape the JVB’s statistics. This project was part of Jitsi’s project ideas for 2022 and it caught my eye.

This will be a great feature as it will make sysadmins’ and developers’ lives easier when integrating Jitsi software with powerful tool-chains (such as Prometheus + Grafana). There’s also a decent amount of demand for this, as evidenced by several Prometheus exporters being available for JVB stats :slight_smile:.

An overview of the project is available at the GSoC website. Feel free to share your thoughts on this feature.

I’m thrilled to be a contributor, both to Jitsi via GSoC, as well as to the FOSS community as a whole!


Hey Alex.

Thanks for your contribution! What’s the status of this? I’d like to try it out instead of the other prometheus shims and dirty hacks we see floating around on the board.