[GSoC] Improving the Entire UI and SEO of the website

Greetings Mentor,
I found out issues in the UI and Ux of this website which will cause a hinderance to the user experience .i would love to work on these issue and would love to do a makeover to the website.
Can you please confirm this , is this going to be accepted if i write a proposal mentioning about such issues.

Hoping for your kind consideration!

Yep, proposal with mockups is good way to start discussion on the topic. Changes like this need to go through design and product for approval.

Yeah! thought of that but then i thought to confirm about it like whether this is going to be consider or not. So sir this modification in project is going to be mentored by you .If yes, please let me know where i can share mockups ?

hello sir @damencho , can you please confirm about the message above.

I will not be mentoring this. I cannot say whether UI changes will be considered, it is not my call. It is up to design and product to have the decision after seeing the mockups. Does this answer your question?

yeah ! thanks for confirming