Group work/breakout groups

Thiis is probably a question that has been often asked but does Jitsi have a facility for group work? I am a teacher just starting with long distance learning due to the virus and would like to know if it works. I find Jitsi relatively easy to use and would like to stay with it currently but this would be crucial for me. Thanks for any answers


I was just asking myself the same question, for the exact same reason. In addition to group work, this could also be useful for online social events, which do not fit well into the model of “one speaker, many listeners”. I do not see many videoconference tools focusing on this latter aspect. But in these lockdown times, there is probably quite some mindshare to gain by implementing such a feature :wink:

Naively, I would think that this could be implemented at the UI level, without touching the “plumbings”/libs. Since the goal is to allow multiple speakers to speak simultaneously to people in their group (or “nearby”) without interfering too much with the others, an idea would be to adjust the volume up/down for participants inside/outside the group or as a function of some “distance” metric.

Since the case of static, separate groups can already be handled by using multiple rooms, here the focus should be on dynamic groups, where the participants can still overhear other discussions and quickly change groups to join another discussion.

I can think of at least two ways to achieve that:

  1. Explicit groups: Users can create groups and join one of them at a time. Users from the current group are displayed in tile view, with the remaining users in the filmstrip, grouped. Other groups are muted by default, but each user can chose to adjust the volume of individual groups to keep up with their discussions if needed.

  2. Physical room analogy: The users’ videos (as well as youtube videos, live streams, other integrations…) can be moved on an infinite 2d surface. Each user hears every other user, but the volume drops roughly as 1 / (distance)^2, such that users located “far away” do not interfere too much. Users can arrange in any configuration which they find suitable.

Please let me know if this sounds feasible, or if it is a terrible idea :slight_smile:

I would be willing to help, but my coding skills are mostly C++/Python/Julia and not so much Node.js/React…

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Thank you for your reply. I ll see what I can do. I m not so technically mineded :slight_smile:


we held a large online summit with zoom this weekend. We learned a lot about online group work. I would love to find a way to channel this knowledge into something. Even zoom has no feature for nice online hosting.
The breakout room feature is really helpful. I was thinking, how is it possible to move session, contain them in a large way, manage user around AND also give the user something in the hand to organize himself.
It can see that is easy to open up a couple of meetings and let users connect, from my perspective this is not very user friendly, especially whit non tech users.
The big shut-down for the virus will be comming and I would love to support people with “living and organic” online spaces.


I see it more like “User-Session-Management”. Online is very demanding. So keeping the user in contact and focus is nice.

Also interested in looking to this for similar reasons!

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hola chicos

idem. breakout classrooms needed :slight_smile:

Blackboard has this kind of functionality, by the the looks of it it is based on the same technology.
One can set up a number of free courses through and make use of Blackboard collaborate Ultra sessions.

I would love to see this feature as well. :slight_smile: