Group conference testing setup without real users

Due to this problem

I need to have some testing without involving the real users, that are already upset from the situation.

There is any way I can setup some 10-12 “virtual” users to test with?

Also since I’m using a public server, there is any specific setup I need to ask the provider to verify.

The ‘easy’ route would be to run multiple tabs (perhaps in incognito mode) or multiple browsers on your machine(s), the Jitsi electron desktop app, as well as using your phone(s) or tablet(s), whatever you have around. Be careful though if you go this route - running Jitsi on multiple tabs or browsers on the same system will reduce its performance. However, if you’re just looking to test connectivity e.t.c., this should work.

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If you’re looking for a real testing participand I’m free for the next 30 minutes

I have done some testing as you suggested this morning, using up to 11 tabs to load the room other than the moderator (always myself). All the “participants” was trough the mobile 4G connection tethering from my smartphone, so perfectly testing a bandwidth limited situation.
There are some elements not clear to me

  • From the moderator perspective, some cases the participant was signed as Lost with frozen video, some others (as in attached image) they was shown with no video. Since the connection was the same for all (my browser and my smartphone) I didn’t find a rule for this

  • From the participant perspective even with very bad connection for all this “participants”, just in some cases there was the message “Video turned off to save bandwidth”. Again didn’t understand what is triggering this only in some cases.

  • Tested on the moderator side both using Electron based client and Chromium. My impression is suprisingly Chromium seems to work smoothly. There is any preference for it?

  • The moderator was having sometimes bad upload connection, and this seems to trigger the suspension of the videos from the participants. So I didn’t understand if Jitsi by himself is deciding to show the video based on both the moderator and the participatns bandwidth

All of these issues you highlighted are because you ran 11 tabs on the same machine. It’s a miracle they even loaded at all… lol. You simply can’t do that - your resources take a huge hit.

Frankly, you just need to test with about 4 clients or so to ensure there are no connectivity problems. In ‘production’, users will be connecting from different machines and will (likely) be on different networks, so the lags and deprecation you observed in this test won’t surface. Frozen videos are a result of limited bandwidth. And just in case you didn’t realize this, Jitsi even gave you a clear message “Video turned off to save bandwidth”. So again, everything you’ve reported here is as a result of the limited resources you committed to testing.

Bandwidth (like CPU and memory) is like food. The more people you have eating from the same plate, the less each person will get. You can’t expect everyone to get filled from the same amount of food that feeds just one person… lol.

I just followed your suggestion :slight_smile:
Also didn’t find another way without involving real users, that have no time nor willingness to do further “testing”, they just want something that works (preferably Zoom or Teams they told me).
I was interested in these effects since was the same experienced yesterday during a real conference with 14 participants. We need to cut the conference since was impossible to proceed.
There is any reference that describe how Jitsi manage the various situations (low bandwidth from the moderator, from the participants, how much time with low bandwidty, tresholds, etc) and if there is any settings server side to customize this?

PS was reading this in config.js file

// Enable / disable layer suspension.  If enabled, endpoints whose HD
// layers are not in use will be suspended (no longer sent) until they
// are requested again.
// enableLayerSuspension: false,

This mean that if a user has too low bandwidth he will be suspended?