Green artifact when participant leaves

See this (excuse the whiteout - the white parts are showing video perfectly fine).

Here, I have 3 participants in tile view. When the top-left participant left, the green box appeared. It was there long enough for one of the participant to take a photo. This has been happening consistently, when a participant leaves.

All 3 participants are on same LAN as the on-prem Jitsi server. This is Jitsi build v5913.

Any idea what is causing this and how to resolve this?

Any idea, anyone?

a few questions

  • the top left tile is partially white, is it because the hidden parts were displaying the last image shown ?
  • what is the precise meaning of ‘build 5913’ (an outdated version BTW) ? is it the Debian or docker version or is this meaning ‘we built a customized version based on 5913’ ?
  • which client is showing this, a standard browser with current version, an outdated browser, a phone, a phone with custom build ?

:person_facepalming: I am ashamed I didn’t put some of those details when opening this thread!

  1. Yes, all parts that are white are areas that show video.
  2. Build 5913 - to the best of my ability, this is what the version of Jitsi I was able to find - based on the HTML. A bit outdated but not that much. I installed that from Ubuntu repo a few months back. The system is entirely off-line on a private network and it’s quite something to update it…
  3. It is customized with some CSS changes and some JS files added. Also some settings exposed by Jitsi were tweaked.
  4. I tested with all the custom CSS / JS removed, on the same server and the user who constantly see this green box no longer saw the box, but still saw a line. Just like the line in the top-left of the picture above. We’re doing more test as maybe it was just a fluke.
  5. We are using Chrome 83 because our current server is running an older version of Jitsi and newer version of Chrome don’t work with it (no audio). We are working on updating this server hence why we are trying this newer build.

Obviously, not everyone is getting this - else there would be some word about it here. So I am going to be doing more testing. Maybe it’s a server issue (not enough resource) causing a slower refresh rate. Maybe it’s client side.