Gray on p2p


When two people use p2p, grey screen will appear, connection problem, how to deal with?


Open javascript console and check the error.
Is it just user A is having connectivity problem message?


console log, [modules/RTC/TraceablePeerConnection.js] <r._createRemoteTrack>: TPC[1,p2p:false] overwriting remote track! RemoteTrack[40e8601d, video, p2p: false] 40e8601d video


Is this on What are the two browsers and their versions?


It is ok on chrome 71.0.3578.98



Is the remote participant Firefox? There was an issue with chrome 71 and Firefox which was recently fixed.


No, both are chrome 71


I see git has changed the source code to solve this problem. How do I modify the configuration? Modify lib-jitsi-meet version number?


Just update jitsi-meet


How to update?In usr/share/jitsi-meet?

apt-get update
apt-get install jitsi-meet