Granting moderator permissions to all users

We’re trying to set our config such that all users are moderators and can kick other users out, but we’re having no luck.

Here’s my understanding so far:

  1. The base Jitsi install has the prosody config set up such that the first user who joins is a moderator and everyone else is a participant
  2. The config running on has it such that all users are moderators, which is what we are trying to accomplish
  3. The way that does this is by enabling the muc_allowners module in the prosody config file

So we followed step #3 and enabled muc_allowners. I even verified that this module is enabled by running the require"core.modulemanager" command in the prosody console module (Console – Prosody IM)

However, once we enable this, it is still the case that the first user who joins is assigned the role ‘moderator’ and everyone else is assigned ‘participant’. I’m able to verify this in a couple of places (features/base/participants, as well as using the prosody console).

We’ve been stuck on this problem for several days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, just figured it out

I placed muc_allowners in the wrong section of the config file. I placed it under the first section (under VirtualHost) instead of under second section (Component). Once I placed it in the component section, now everyone is assigned moderator.

Leaving this up in case anyone runs into the same problem in the future.