Grab Username

We are using the Jitsi Meet API to embed the globally distributed and highly available deployment on itself. We need a way to GRAB THE USERNAME from current speaker and listed participants so that we can give meeting participants an option to display a mini profile of the person with that username. Do you already have that capability? We could not find the API for this. If not, can we write it to add as an option on ?

The docs show a “participantJoined” event that fires with the display name. There looks to be an existing event called “largeVideoChanged” which includes the person displayed large on the screen, although not necessarily the active speaker. Then there is a “private” method for getting the participant, called _getOnStageParticipant. Otherwise I do not see the capability available right now.

File for the API:

Do you know who would normally be responsible for adding such capability on If yes, I would like to discuss this with them. If they don’t have time to do it, maybe my developer can write the required code so that a connection can be made with our system…

For something like this probably your developer making the change (and maybe making a pull request to update upstream) is the best approach because the functionality you want is, I think, unlikely to be prioritized highly given the team already has a full workload. The existing functionality though cannot give you what you want?

hey I also need to get the ID of the current speaker…were you able to figure out / build the solution to this??

a year later … and me