Gpg keyserver receive failed: no data

Hi guys,
I am installing jitsi meet in an Ubuntu 18.04 and I am stuck in this step:

gpg --list-sigs dev@jitsi-org
i am getting the two keys, but the one for Damian Minkow is received
but the second one is failing. please see the image:


Any idea what is happening?

What guide are you following ? I can’t find this information in the Quick install docs.

Hi MagicFab, I was following the instructions of a video uploaded in this site, anyways, I followed your link and I finally i installed jitsi meet.
I have another question, during the installation i used the Let’s Encript certificate default option, but now I want to change with another one which I contracted already.
Please could you give me the instructions to update with the new certificates?.

Thanks and Regards

Hi, We could help you with consultation. Please contact us on

I always use LetsEncrypt so I can’t help much with this. This will also depend on where/how you got this new certificate from. Refer to your provider and ask them, as this is a general sysadmin topic and a bit out of scope here.

Most bigger deployments that require this have dedicated IT departments and sysadmins used to doing this in other contexts, which is why you don’t see this addressed in formal documentation.