Google Chrome (Version : 96.0.4664.93) - Conferences failed


Yesterday my Google Chrome was upgraded to version : 96.0.4664.93 The microphones and cameras are not working during the conferences. I get these errors in browser :


I assume this is on your private Jitsi server? You need to update to the latest version (unless you’d rather apply for a temporary origin trial). Plan B has been deprecated.

Thank you for reply. I have private server with independent Jitsi components (Prosody, Nginx, Videobridge, Coturn). Which version and component I need to upgrade to properly work ?

I don’t have ALL-IN-ONE version. I have independent Jitsi components (Prosody, Nginx, Videobridge, Coturn). What in this situation ?

I need to install independent Jitsi component from 06-DEC in my case to properly work ?


Yes, you need to install the latest versions of each package if you have them installed on different nodes.

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

any info when this version will hit the docker image ?

@damencho is there any solution with out upgrade? I am using jitsi-meet 2.0.58 version. Can You help please?

You can enable the back origin trial for your host, which will give you another month or two. Search the forum for links how to do that

Thanks you so much !

Thanks. am i going to change my Jitsi-meet/index.html file like on Adds a hook to insert body & head html. (#4843) · jitsi/jitsi-meet@5bdfae3 · GitHub or something different? in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/head.html file is empty in my config.

Add it to head.html. That way it doesn’t get overwritten when you upgrade Jitsi.

Nginx SSI will inject head.html when serving index.html.

When check the web page head.html changes look empty. What i will add to my head.html page?

Those files are intentionally left empty so you can add customisations without conflicting with upgrades.

Get your token from Origin Trials

Then add something like this to head.html

<meta http-equiv="origin-trial" content="TOKEN_GOES_HERE">

Any info on when is the real fix coming for docker based jitsi meet. I updated mine, and it’s not working still.