Google authentication

Hello, installed Jitsi without any issues, but need to secure it for using with users authenticated at a Google domain.
I found this (jitsi/jicofo#secure-domain) but can’t make sense out of it, I don’t even understand if this is possible at all. I have 2 domains, like x DOT example DOT net and example DOT net (using this ridiculous notation because as a new user the editor is not allow me to put links), I need that users from both domains can log in and use the app (bonus points if can moderate and are just regular users). But the most important things is that nobody can access without being logged by google at those domains first.
I am considering paying for someone to set this up and tell me how to do it.

Nope. These are virtual hosts, internal to the system the DNS is always one. I think we recently added a note saying this.

I don’t get it, so there is no way to password protect the server using a Google domain?

Not at the moment.
There is this which I’m not sure whether it can be hooked to google authentication somehow.

Is it possible to add Google Authentication?