Good job, developers

This is to all the developers of Jitsi, but particularly anyone who helped with polishing the UI/UX and making it seamless. I am extremely picky, but I’ve found Jitsi’s user-facing frontend well designed, uncluttered, and truly intuitive. But it’s not just me, my friends have chimed in that if I post this, they want to thank you as well.

The fact that it’s simple enough for anybody is a huge plus. Your design is usable by people of all technical abilities from grandparents to kids. More than that, it lowers the barrier to use for everyone: I overheard one tech-savvy friend of mine explaining to her boyfriend why Jitsi beats Zoom: “It’s so easy: you just open a [expletiving] URL!” (She also mentioned the “Free Software” angle since he cares about that.)

I know that “simple to use” designs are rarely simple to create. It takes a lot of work to have a clean, coherent vision that “just makes sense”.

So, thank you from all of us users to all of your developers who have made Jitsi possible!

—b9 & Many Others

P.S. If you’d like specific examples of what are the best features of the design, I’d be happy to provide them. But, I have a feeling you may already have them listed in a design document. :slight_smile: