Good java or python library to do a sip client for connecting with Jitsi?

Anyone can recommend?

By Jitsi, you mean jitsi-meet?

I mean i want to do a client to connect to connect to a sip server to connect to jigasi if i understood well:

Captura de pantalla de 2021-05-11 16-21-17

The thing is that we want to do stress testing to jitsivideobridges and we are trying with selenium executing several chrome’s (headless mode) but this is difficult as the browsers consume too much so we can only execute a few in each instance…

So maybe programming our own light sip client…

@damencho what do you thing, does this make sense?

Well then you will be stressing jigasi directly not jvb. It is a different story and from all components jigasi is the oldest component and the worst in performance compared to the rest.

@damencho and would it be possible to write my own webrtc client with some library (aiortc — aiortc documentation)to connect to jitsi? Is it feasible?

So the question is: is jitsi system allowing connections from clients a part from a browser?

You can … It is possible… But it is a huge project, in my opinion …

I found this project, that it seems like an alternative to use a browser to interact with jitsi… i will investigate forward: GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron: Jitsi Meet desktop application powered by

Thanks @damencho

Those are the same, one is chrome, the other one is electron, which is wrapped chromium as a different app …