Go back to previous page after meeting ends


I am new here. First of all, Jitsi is amazing. Thanks to all who developed it!

I have a new jitsi install. People can join jitsi meetings from my website. All working well. After people end the meeting, they are redirected to a page where they can start meetings.

Instead, I want people to be redirected to the page where they joined the meeting from.

I have seen it on other pages so I know it must be possible.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Screenshots of what’s currently happening and what is needed would be better…

I start a meeting from a page (screenshot1)
After the meeting ends, I see the standard jitsi page (screenshot2)

What I want to see after meeting ends is the same page where I started of from (screenshot1)

I hope that makes it clear


Here is screenshot2

Check if this helps…

You might want to google for other helpful links…

Hi Prashanth,
thanks for pointing me into the right direction!
I did what it said and in the close3.html I added these lines to tell the browser to go back:
< script>
< /script>
Thanks again!

That’s Great…

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hello i have changed SHOW_PROMOTIONAL_CLOSE_PAGE option to true, yet this is not working! it still returns to homepage. should I restart jitsi to apply changes?