GMAIL invitation option to Jitsi

Is it possible to add GMAIL as an option for sending Jitsi invitations? I can do a workaround, but it would be great to have GMAIL as one of the options in the 'invite people" box.

Many thanks, John Brewer (

There is an option to connect your calendar (Google and Microsoft) on the front landing page. Give it a try.

Connecting Google Calendar works, many thanks. In working on this issue I learned that the Android app and the Chrome app work differently (I am using a Chromebook, a Lenovo Yoga C630). The Android app brings up a box with various programs in it that allow you to invite a person to join your session (see attached). I was wondering if you could add GMAIL as one of those programs. Before I deleted it the box had Outlook as an email option. I use GMAIL. But inviting people to join the Jitsi meeting really isn’t that difficult whether it’s by the Android app or Chrome app, so no big issue. Adding people to a meeting can be done through Google Calendar (before the meeting). Thank you addressing this issue.Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 12.10.40 PM