Global Tag for Google Analytics

Google Analytics isn’t working. They don’t provide a UA-xxxxxxx tag any more, they only provide a global site tag G-xxxxxxxxxxx and using this with the stock analytics-ga.min.js does not track anything at all.

Has anyone modified the analytics to use the global site tag?

We have stopped using Google Analytics, but if someone has a fix we’d take a PR.

Interesting. So further research has led me to the understanding that the global site tag is used in a different way - while the universal analytics script that is part of Jitsi sets up and records different events, the global tag allows this setup to be done from within Google Analytics itself. It can also probably be done programatically, but it might make sense to have some kind of template for Analytics that works with Google’s global tag. In any case, I’ll try both ways shortly.

In the meantime, what is the standard method you use to track usage?

We provide support for Amplitude, Matomo and Callstats.

Is the config file going to be update to reflect that Google Analytics has been dropped?

The google analytics is still there and if someone wants to enable it, that is still possible through the config.

The legacy Google Analytics still works, so if you enable that in your Google Analytics setup when creating the property you can still integrate it. Therefore, it should not be removed yet (although it is reasonable to presume that at some point Google will phase out universal analytics altogether)

Is this setup still valid?
I’m not getting any data in my Analytics console.

Yes. Again, you need to enable universal analytics when setting up your property in Google Analytics. It is not the default setting and is not something you can add after you create the property as far as I know.

I don’t see any Google Analytics file being downloaded (when I load the webpage) after following this tutorial.

I’m not sure how much more clear I can make it. Did you create a property in Google analytics and select “universal analytics” during the setup?