Github Release and Tag Names

I’ve been perusing the tags and releases for jitsi-meet and was hoping to get clarity on the meaning of the tag and release names. My current understanding is that every commit to master results in 2 new tags being created.

For example, commit 8758c222c6f4ffa6f2403ff1a4b097d3437b52a5 resulted in tags

  1. jitsi-meet_4714
  2. 4181

Periodically though, stable tags are created. For example, commit 5591144693099bd5696d59dba14ad873214e92b9 resulted in

  1. jitsi-meet_4627
  2. 4127
  3. stable/jitsi-meet_4627

And the associated release of releases/tag/stable%2Fjitsi-meet_4627 with label 1.0.4127.

What I can’t figure out is how the values 4627 and 4127 are related to each other. Why does one tag have 4627 and the other have 4127, and why is 4127 included in the semver 1.0.4127?

I’m sure there’s a very good reason for this - I’m just looking to understand it. I’ve read through these other threads ([jitsi-dev] Github tags & releases and Stable releases and github tags) and I think those values are related to BUILD_NUMBER values, but I can’t figure out why those numbers are different.

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(I’m really sorry for not including full links to the tags and releases, but it appears that as a new user I’m not allowed to include more than 2 links in a post)

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jitsi-meet is a meta package that is used to install dependencies, the version 4627 you see and when there is a stable release the tags across different projects jitsi-meet_4627.
4127 is the version of jitsi-meet-web package which corresponds to what is coming from, the web part.

Thank you - that answers the question. So if I wanted to track with specific stable releases of the whole of jitsi (jitsi-meet web, jitsi-videobridge, jicofo) then I want to watch for tags of the form stable/jitsi-meet_4627 in the respective repositories, which point back to the tag in that indicates which “version numbers” in each repository that tag of the whole of Jitsi Meet is built with.

Thank you for the explanation!