Giphy - how to use it?

hello one and all.
read in the changelog there is a giphy functionality now. enabled giphy in $mydomain-config.js. well, now i’m wondering how to use it. there is no obvious way to do so it seems. someone has a hint?

cheers, t.

It’s in the reactions menu.

Thanks for your answer but I can’t find it there. Just the usual reactions.

I have in my-domain-config.js

    // Settings for the GIPHY integration.
    giphy: {
    //     // Whether the feature is enabled or not.
        enabled: true,
    //     // SDK API Key from Giphy.
    //     sdkKey: '',
    //     // Display mode can be one of:
    //     // - tile: show the GIF on the tile of the participant that sent it.
    //     // - chat: show the GIF as a message in chat
    //     // - all: all of the above. This is the default option
        displayMode: 'all',
    //     // How long the GIF should be displayed on the tile (in miliseconds).
        tileTime: 5000

Is that correct?

cheers, t.

You need an SDK key. You can get one on the giphy developer portal.

I see. Thanks! It works now. How could we survive without this for so long? :slight_smile:

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