Ghost users keep entering sessions

Hey folks,

I’m running Jitsi-meet 2.0.7882-1, but ‘ghost users’ keep entering during sessions (fellow jitsters). It’s making the users uncomfortable about it (then think it’s someone else), but in fact the link is private and only the 2 people there know it (tested with a friend). Does anybody know what may be happening and how to solve it?

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Did you configure authentication (Secure domain or JWT) for your Jitsi deployment? Did the users enter the room multiple times (enter, leave then re-enter)?

Thanks, Freddie. Merry Christmas, as well!

No, I don’t use any sort of auth - having the URL, anyone can enter. And yes - multiple times. It’s happening very often.

If you don’t have any kind of auth configured, then you leave your deployment open to just anyone. Not sure why you wouldn’t but if you still prefer not to configure authorization, then insist that your users use a password or/and the lobby feature when in a meeting so they can control who gets in. Also, note that if a person gets disconnected for any reason and re-enters almost immediately, it’s normal to see a ‘ghost’ participant of the same name. That ghost usually disappears within a few seconds though.

I had “a similar effect” in the past… it was actually jicofo because focusUserJid in config.js was wrong, so the focusUser was not hidden when he joined the room… maybe have a look at that?!

You can check when hovering the bandwith icon of the ghost user and click on ‘show more’ to see the users id.

Is it possible to create a different password for each new room, but automatically?

@dl3sd thx, gonna check it out

Is it possible to disable this user from entering the sessions? It’s pretty weird for users.