Getting this error too frequently Strophe: Websocket closed unexpectedly

Hi, developers. Hope you are having a nice day.
I just want to ask, we are getting this error message too frequently.

Error log(modules/xmpp/strophe.util)
Strophe: Websocket closed unexpectedly

Sometimes our users get randomly disconnected, I am not sure if that is related to this websocket close issue, but if it is responsible for this then what attributes/ failure leads to websocket close?

Usually this means there is a connection issue with that user.

ok @saghul . one more query. its somewhat not related to websocket but still ,
OnPresenceError , in which cases this might occur , I mean in what logic a presence stanza can trigger OnPresenceError in Jitsi?

Hard to tell, do you have any logs?

haven’t got for this case. I’ll post here if I arrange some logs. Actually, Upon debugging found that the Disconnection to Rejoin screen is fired from onPresenceError from lib-jitsi-meet. so, investigating on presence error cases.