Getting started in Jitsi Meet - trying to share a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation

Firstly - I do not have technical IT vocabluary!!
I have a Microsoft Surface and Chrome Browser. I will be in my first Jitsi Meeting this evening. When testing yesterday, I could not share a Powerpoint presentation. I clicked on the share screen button on the left but got no traction on clicking on the Application button on the screen that popped up. Any idea why it is not working?

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Hi and welcome !

What Windows version is this ?

This seems related to desktop application permissions if you’re using Windows 10. I’ve seen other people asking about this but I don’t have a confirmed solution, sorry.

If you found how to solve this, it would be useful to share here.

I don’t know if this was your issue, but was Powerpoint minimized? You may already know this, but if it remains minimized it won’t come up as a choice when you attempt to share an application. It has to be in a viewable window in order to be visible to Jitsi Meet.