Getting started: Getting AVTransmit2 & AVReceive2 to work locally


I’m just getting started with Libjitsi and I’m trying to get the AVTransmit2 and AVReceive2 examples to work locally. I’ve cloned the project, and I’m passing in to following arguments to each program (just following the example):

AVTransmit2: -Drun.example.arg.line="–remote-host= --remote-port-base=10000"
AVReceive2: -Drun.example.arg.line="–local-port-base=10000 --remote-host=<my_public_IP_address> --remote-port-base=5000"

Are those the right arguments to use if I’m just transmitting from my laptop to my laptop?

Also, instead of initializing all media types, I’m just doing MediaType.AUDIO for now.

The transmitter prints out it’s transmitting for 60 seconds, so I believe it’s running properly:

INFO: audio codec/freq: PCMU/8000 Hz
Dec 18, 2018 2:18:33 PM org.jitsi.util.LoggerImpl log
INFO: audio remote IP/port:
Start transmission for 60 seconds…

The receiver seems to be running too:

Dec 18, 2018 2:18:57 PM org.jitsi.util.LoggerImpl log
INFO: Warming up SecureRandom finished.

Should I expect to be able to talk into my microphone, and have it come out my speakers?