Getting record from Jitsi server?

Hello, I am newbie to Jitsi. Tried to get an answer through forum search with no clear result. So making a beginner question here.

I installed a Jitsi client on my Anrdroid 9 phone and during a meeting started recording. The app told me that the recording will be stored on Jitsi server. After the meeting is over I pushed “Stop record”, the app asked to confirm, and that’s all. I expected after that I’ll have a link or a prompt to access the record, but nothing of the kind. I entered the meeting room from the laptop: always no trace or option to reach the record.

Could you please tell me how to get the record? I don’t have Dropbox installed on my phone. The recorded file does not seem to be stored locally on my phone. So, where is it after I finished the recording without any error message, and how can I access it?

Thank you in advance for your help!