Getting Pure Audio / Mic Feed on Jitsi Without Filtering Background Noise Etc. (E.g. for live music)

In Jitsi, like many other video conferencing platforms seem to be configured by default to pick up speech mainly and I guess remove background noise to some extent.

However if for example, I want to play live music over video (i.e. singing or playing an instrument with audio picked up by my webcam/camera) is there a way to fix or undo this so we can pick up ‘pure’ audio as picked up from the webcam/camera?

Because currently, playing guitar over Jitsi for example sounds quite bad. The sound that comes from a guitar doesn’t sustain / echo natrually as it does from my experience.

Right now on Zoom, there are audio settings that can be changed to use ‘pure’ audio from the source without the default fitlers/background noise removers etc.

Check out the suggestions here Higher audio quality - #30 by jeffbski

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