Getting number/order of current participants?


I was wondering if there is a method for tracking the number of participants currently in a session? And if there any way of determining which order the user is in the session?

As in: host is 1, the first person to join is 2, and the next is 3, and so on. I know there is an ID assigned to each participant but is there an order tracked explicitly?

if u joined a room u will get an object. In there is a property called, participants (object):

i count them like:

I don’t know it this is the right way, but i works for me fine.

That’s great! Is this object ordered in any way? So as to determine the order of entry into the meeting?

I didn’t check it, but i can let u know after i proof it

That would be great. Where in the code did you print this object out?

Just bumping this as more of a concern to find out how Jitsi keeps track of the stack of participants, since there doesn’t seem to be any order in the metadata about the participants?

Try grafana

We are using callstats, there is a graph with conf info where events like join, speak and such are visible …

I just wrote a simple work around to keep a queue of participants when their audio tracks are loaded. So this queue has IDs for the audio tracks. However, I’m now noticing that the video tracks are not loaded in the same order as audio tracks are loaded and it may be random the order of the video tracks in the laylout?

What’s happening is that the audio tracks seem to be loaded from oldest to newest (moderator first) but the video elements are not. Their order appears random.