Getting Jitsi desktop to work


I have a Macbook Air, OSX High Sierra 10.13.6. I downloaded the Jitsi Desktop App. I installed the App, opened the App and then following instructions, invited a second user. I did this through Firefox, because I got an error message on Safari. But connection could not be made.I am at a dead end here having tried whatever seems to make sense. But to no avail. I would appreciate assistance. Incidentally, I am able to use Jitsi Meet on my iPhone 5 quite easily. But getting it to work on my compuetr is eluding me. I have been struggling with this for weeks, on and off… Regards, Paul.


Are you talking about Jitsi Desktop(, Jitsi Meet Electron (, or are you trying to connect using

Jitsi Desktop App currently is not able to connect to or any jitsi-meet deployment.
What happens if you open a link from on your machine Macbook Air and on the other side, what is the problem you see? For best experience use chrome.


Dear Damian, thanks for your prompt response. I am using Jitsi desktop. There is an App I have downloaded and installed. But the problem also happens when I try the desktop from the Jitsi site. What happens is that a dialogue box opens, into which I write the name of a meeting room. I then have the function to copy this link, given to me, which I do, and I paste it into a mail, which I send to an invitee(s)


The invitee(s) receive the mail with link, but when they click on the link they are taken to a blank page, on which there are no optional functions, and on which nothing happens. The page simply stays blank. On my screen I never see the invitee entering the room. Hence no connectivity. On the phone, with Jitsi Meet, it works first time. I also have the Jitsi Meet App on my MacBook Air, and when I activate it it takes me to a function requiring a telephone number to be entered. The process with Jitsi Meet on my computer breaks down at this point…


I think you are confused by Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Desktop. So Jitsi Desktop( is a desktop app which is audio/video/messanger using xmpp and sip and it cannot be used with jitsi meet, that’s why it asks you for a telephone number.

For the blank page, can you send a screenshot with the address bar, maybe the text with the link from the email you sent … ?


Thanks for your explanation.

At the moment I only use Jitsimeet on my iPhone, because it is simple and it works. I do have two questions regarding using Jitsimeet on my iPhone though: 1) Is it possible to record a conversation through Jitsimeet on my iPhone? 2) Is it possible to share screens on Jitsimeet on my iPhone (i.e. looking and working on a document, for example)?

However, I would like to use Jitsimeet on my MacBook Air (computer) too. I thought that I had downloaded the Jitsimeet App to my computer. So I’d like to clarify whether it is possible to run the Jitsimeet App from my computer?


Yes, this possible, this is deployed on Are you asking for your own deployment, in general, or you are using

No this is not possible at the moment

I asked you earlier which application did you install?

Why do you want an application, you can just use chrome web browser and you don’t need to install anything.
If on your phone you enter “MyRoom” then open chrome and go to


Dear Damen,

Thank you for taking the time to come back to me.

Unfortunately I am not getting any clarity but am feeling myself stuck in a bit of confusion now.

Would it be possible to have a direct telephone conversation about this? My mobile number is +27827950676. Alternatively, if this is not possible, could we have a direct interactive chat, where you walk me through the various processes?

Kind regards,

Paul Hendler


Neither of these is an option, sorry. This is a public community and people are involved here in there free time, voluntarily.
If you want ask your questions here, or you can join our IRC channel #jitsi on and ask your question there and someone can answer it realtime.
Or you can join our bi-weekly Community call and ask there, more info on the website main page.