Getting error while sharing screen from "owner"

i had install jitsi and configure with affiliation dependency
and passing token like this
“aud”: “user”,
“iss”: “user”,
“sub”: “URL”,
“room”: “*”,
“iat”: 1628106025,
“exp”: 1665106025,
“context”: {
“user”: {
“name”: “Mohan”,
“avatar”: “ImageURL”,
“email”: “”,
“affiliation”: “owner”

Getting error like

but working fine when “member” is sharing the screen
i am not getting this error on
can someone help me in this

thank you in advance

Did you set enableFeaturesBasedOnToken in your /etc/jitsi/meet/your-domain-config.js?

okay i will check

still screen share not working

and added feature key inside token
“features”: {
“recording”: true,
“screen-sharing”: true
still same above error is coming

When this is disabled, it should work regardless of the token content. Probably you have another issue unrelated with the token content.

It seems that the websocket is not configured correctly. Maybe this is the main problem

can you help me to install simple jitsi which will not failed
because i am trying to follow quick install it give me error while 2 or more user’s are joining in same meet

You may try this installer on a newly created server

will it work on ubuntu 18

i want to install jitsi with token that’s sit


thank you for reply i will upgrade and try with above link

can i install only jitsi and jitsi-meet-token