Getting error when compiling Jibri from source

Hey folks.

Im trying to build jibri from source. The code is latest.
But when I run “mvn compile”, I get the below error.

jitsi/jibri/src/main/kotlin/org/jitsi/jibri/util/ProcessWrapper.kt: (102, 17) ‘exec(String!): Process!’ is deprecated. Deprecated in Java
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Has anyone encountered this error?
I have made no code modifications

Do you have a full build log?

What JDK did you use to build it? We currently only officially support Java 11.

Ah. I think that might have been the problem. I overcame it with some edits.
Further, on running “mvn package”, jar file is not being generated. Gets stuck in this stage:

WebhookClient$updateStatus$1.invokeSuspend#109: Updating 1 subscribers of status

Terminal doesnt exit. No jar file is produced. Although class files are produced in target folder