Getting an error from Chrome

When I stream to YouTube, I’m getting a video error from chrome at the top when streaming to YouTube saying:

Chrome is being controlled by automated test software.

There’s no way I can remove it, I’m using the latest version of chrome stable and chrome driver, I installed via apt on Ubuntu 16.04.

Any help would be appreciated.

You can see the error In this image

I don’t mean to double post, but I’ve found out that this is a Selenium error which is part of the software Jibri uses.

I don’t compile software myself so I cannot fix this error. If I could find an older version of chrome to download and install that would be better, if the Jitsi team could compile a newer version of Jibri in the unstable using the fix in that link that’d be great. Otherwise I have to scour the internet for a place to download Google Chrome 74.

A fix is already on the way

Awesome in the meantime I’m using the fix here: