Getting a copy of participants in jitsi meet

I am new to this online video meet. Last time after the meet i wanted to take a copy of the participants. But i d o not know how to take it. Will be helpful if you can help me the procedure for taking the copy of participants

I’m new to jitsi, but I believe the meeting is deleted completely as soon as it is ended. Also the list of participants would only show those who are currently connected, not those who joined and left part-way through.
You therefore need to get your list of participants while they are still in the meeting. The easiest way might be to take snapshots of the window that contains the list of participants - or even a snapshot of gallery view.
Before the meeting you could open a (Word?) document that you’ll be able to paste into, and then during the meeting use Alt-PrtScr to copy an image of the current window to your clipboard. Then use Alt-Tab to switch to the document, where you can Ctrl-V paste the image, then Alt-Tab back to your meeting screen.
Hope that solves your problem - an alternative would be to record the whole meeting, which is also useful if you’re going to be writing the minutes afterwards.

Thank you very much sir for your response