Get total user count in autoscaling env


I am currently trying to figure out how to get the total user count. I know the user count of a videobridge can be pulled with Colibri, but I got an autoscaling setup and so I cannot always add it to Grafana.
Is it able to pull the number somewhere on the main server or you got other ideas to pull the total number in an autoscaling system?



apt-get install curl jq
curl -s | jq .participants
curl -s | jq .conferences

A good solution is to scrape JVB stats with Prometheus (use a script to adapt the JVB stats JSON to the Prometheus format). Then when you scale up and down you can have Prometheus automatically discover the new endpoints to scrape via whatever means is most suitable for your setup — for example, Prometheus can use SRV service discovery records to discover endpoints to scrape and many autoscaling systems can automatically create those SRV records.

Once the metrics are in Prometheus it’s just a few clicks to get a pretty graph in Grafana, and also, once you have the Prometheus infrastructure set up you can easily get other metrics into it, e.g. CPU/memory/network/etc from prometheus-node-exporter.

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This includes all participants from all connected bridges?

Yes Grafana is amazing, I should spend some time on that to setup, thank you!

Yes, because you’ll be polling Jicofo which signals to all connected bridges

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Amazing, thanks!