Get streams from videobridge

I want to know if it is possible to extract the video streams from the videobridge.
I need to save to a file for an experiment.
Thanks a lot

@Boris_Grozev is pcap dumping still working?

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I extracted the pcap file from the videobridge.
Do you have any idea how to reproduce it?
Thanks a lot

I tried to open with wireshark, I see all as NTP packets,
I tried to convert with a jitsi tool called
GitHub - jitsi/derfc4571ify: A little utility to transform pcap files to facilitate debugging.,
but it does not work.
any hint?
Thanks a lot

Wireshard would be your best bet (derfc4571ify is not needed as these are already saved as UDP packets in the pcap). You probably need to tell it to interpret the packets as RTP (right click and go to “Decode as”).

I tried to do what you explained me. It does not work with wireshark.
Thanks for your message

We did this a while ago (maybe start of the year) and it was working OK then. Can you elaborate on “it does not work” @Angelo_Mantellini? Did you see the decoded RTP packets in Wireshark?