Get Stream and show in html

Hello all developers. I’m from FPT University. I’m a newbie in this case. The purpose of our project is to build an online learning and testing system using core Jitsi. The current demo will be to use lib-jitsi-meet to make a connection to the XMPP server to get video and audio streams to display on a simple HTML. I have been reading the document for 3 days but still cannot find it away. Hope everyone will help with research and code if possible

Here is an example:


thank help. but it just sees myself on camera. can you help me config to view other cameras of people in the room in this case

What happens if you open it in few tabs? Don’t you see the multiple videos?

Hi there. I write an application that two users connect together and play a simple game. I want to get the pure video streaming only without any additional UI buttons or functionalities. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance.