Get Livestream Share Link

I’m able to do successful livestream’s no problem. However, I want to know what the livestream share link is once it starts. Is it possible to get that data through the iframe api?

If you stream to YouTube, and you use the google login API on the livestream pop-up (as opposed to manually entering the stream key), then we also grab the “viewing” URL from the google API and include it in the data in the “conference info” button.

Where can I find this “conference info” button?

And if the viewing url is already being grabbed, is there a way to add that information to one of the callbacks or create a new one in the iframe api?

Oh, I’m not sure if the iframe API exposes this. The conference info I was talking about is in the “invite people” dialog.

Thank you! That is so much easier than having to go grab the link from youtube…

Is there somewhere that I can request that feature? The data is there, I just want access to it =)

You can open a issue using the feature request template in the jitsi-meet repo.

Perfect, thank you for your help. I’ve created a feature request here for future reference: