Get list of rooms (and participants)


this topic is not new but currently relevant. All related threads I’ve found refer to the muc_size module. IMHO, this module cannot be recommended. In particular, the module depends on obsolete ssl dev libraries. Additionally, the module cannot be used in an environment where users have to login to jitsi/prosody.

Alternatively, there are threads where the jitsi log data are used to obtain the mentioned statistic data. I’ve also gone this way. But in the current version, the jitsi logging has changed. The current log format does not allow obtaining room statistics from the logfile.

In particular, if a single user opens a room, the event can be found. But when this user leaves the room, the closing of the room cannot be determined.

Therefore, I want to ask for 2 things:

  1. Is it possible to implement the room/participants statistics function directly in jitsi/prosody?
  2. Use a log format where the room creation, joining/leaving of members and the room destroy can be found decidedly? (like in older versions of jitsi)

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Where do you get that from? That module depends on no SSL libraries.

E.g., this can be found on

I’ve tested to compile the module and there is a complete cascade of dependencies - including libssl1.0-dev.

Those instructions are outdated. The new luajwtjitsi module (version >= 2.0) uses luaossl which does not depend on a deprecated OpenSSL version.

Are there any up-to-date instructions for muc_size?

Did you try jicofo-log-analyzer?
By default it reports conferences lasting more than 2 mins ref