Get List of rooms and its participants

I am new to docker and i have tried to integrate the jitsi meet through docker which i got successed. But now i want to find out the list of participant and users list present in the room and also find the total active rooms. I use JWT for authentication. i got to see an reference topic Get the list of rooms but not able to understand it properly.

I have imported the docker file from prosody server and linked as an volume and also updated the mod_muc_size file to get sessions

i have also update the prosody config file with module-enabled=“mod-size;” but when restart docker after this updates, this config gets erased iam not sure is this the issue!,

After this I try to hit the URL say https://mydomainname:5280/sessions, i am getting site not reachable error.

I dont understand where i go wrong. Please help me out on this. Thanks in advance :heart_decoration:

Hi Guys any update for me on the above. It would be good if anybody can help me on this. Thanks is advance

HI @vasudevanEP Did you manage to got it ?
if you got it plz share , how you did it