Get list of participants after meeting ended

Is it possible to retrieve a list of participants that attended a given meeting after the meeting has ended?

My end goal is to be able to track all meetings+attendees in a separate application, and the option I’m exploring is to use the reservation system to inform my app when a meeting starts and ends. The missing link here is how my app can work out who has attended the meeting.

I’ve played around with mod_muc_size and managed to get the list of participants using /room but as far as I can tell, this gives me participants at that point in time rather than set of all attendees for the duration of the meeting.

Any pointers how how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You can use spekerstats for that, there is a hook which can push the resulting json at the end of the meeting to an external service

Many thanks. I had a poke around and it looks like it will do exactly what I need!

To confirm my understanding (and leave pointers for anyone else looking for something similar), I should implement the speaker_stats function in jitsi-meet/prosody-plugins/ext_events.lib.lua to handle my requirements, and this function will be triggered each time a meeting ends.

The function will have access to the room metadata (e.g. id, create_timestamp) and speakerStats which will contain data for all participants that attended the meeting. I did not spot total meeting duration in the data, but I supposed that can be inferred from create_timestamp and the time the function is called.

Thanks again. Appreciate it.