Get JID or user ID client-side to match to

Is there a way to obtain the user JID or identifier that shows in In order to make the reference useful, we need some way to identify the actual user who had the issue.

For example, we have setup a system of bug reporting where by the user generates an email from within the call - I’d like to grab an identifier I can use to match that user to the stats in to see what happened on that call.

As an example of the name I’m looking for that appears in Rozella-L8d - this is randomly generated somewhere; it must be accessible client-side, I assume?

I also see this in the logs: “…using MUC nickname 3bc96172” - I assume this ID is accessible and could somehow be matched with the user in callstats?

A hacky way to do that is APP.conference._room._statsCurrentId

Sorry I don’t understand how that would be done client-side? (in the browser)

And it looks like I would almost have to do the random name (Rozella-Ab1, etc.) to match it in

I’ve reviewed the data we get in and there isn’t any other distinctly unique value other than the name callstats associates with the user that I can find which can be matched to the client-side user.

However, this value doesn’t exist client-side from what I can find, it only exists in the server-side logs. This makes it effectively impossible to match data to a specific user having a problem, so even if the user gives me the call ID I’m unable to see which of the participants in actually matches the user having the problem … making callstats virtually useless for troubleshooting.

Have you tried executing this in the client?

I’m not sure where exactly you would execute that on the client. It doesn’t pull anything in the JavaScript console.

However, I found the iframe API provides api._myUserID which gives me the ID I need. I haven’t found what you referenced anywhere.

_myUserID matches the ID shown in when you turn on the “Show user names” option. The problem was pulling it client side from a source that could be guaranteed to be tied to the actual user when that function was called. This solves my issue.

I join a conference on and I execute that code in the console and I’m getting my callstats username.