Get in to a 'clone' meeting instead to that of the url

For months we have been using jitsi with no problem. However, today some of the attendees were address to a different meeting that the one in the url . We all were writing the same url that always but some were sent to the right meeting while other were sent to a ‘clone’ one so we couldn’t hold the meeting all together.
Even one of the attendees was sned ou and he couldn’'t get in again to the right meeting were he was previously.
Any general problem? Any idea?

We are aware of such a problem on and we are on to it, will apply a fix shortly

Thank you @damencho
Is there any place where we can check these temporary problems?

It’s actually been fixed. If you try now, it should be fine. If not, it’s probably just taking a little while for the change to propagate.

Great! Thank you