Get details about a conference without joining the conference?

Is there a way to call the external API to get data about a conference without actually joining the conference?

My use case is I’d like to list details about active conferences (like the number of participants) on a webpage displaying links to those conferences. The main problem is I can’t call the API without joining the conference. There is also a secondary problem which is that I can’t call the API twice on the same page for different rooms. Is there a better way I can be doing this?


I don’t know but I hope not since it could be a security mess IMO. If you want low level access to conferences it’s possible but you have to use JVB apis, hence, control the server. Search for Colibri stats if that could interest you.

I’m working on something similar at the moment and am curious if you found a solution. I’m looking to make a site where people can post public Jitsi rooms (on various servers) and invite people to come hang out. From what I’ve read so far, the number of users in the meeting isn’t available, and I get why, but I’m curious what IS actually available? If it’s just the name of the room and the URL, that’s fine, but it would be nice to add a bit of context to the list of rooms.