Get delay and low quality video after join a room had recorder with low level api

hey, i use low level api to build my angular app.
Everything is smooth when join my app to p2p room, get high video, get high framerate. Until the participant start recorder or i join to room had 1 participant and recorder. The video of participant is lag, delay, low quality. then i see it also can get high video high framerate( use selectParticipant()) but again, delay and low video after that. At conference with iframe API or deployment server, i see message The video is turn off to save bandwidth. Actually i feel it not as good as p2p without recorder. do i make mistake somewhere?
Thanks for watching and hope your answer

Which deployment do you use? For recording if you are using jibri, that is in practice a third participant so everything goes through the bridge. So you either have a poor connection to the bridge or the bridge is low on resources or there is some misconfiguration causing delays …

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i use debian ubuntu server. Normally which configuration is missing leads to delays Damencho?

It’s more like freezes … But I think that may look and like delays …

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what about low api, how i can config for the quality video of participant as best i can. i use setSenderVideoConstraint(360) to save bandwidth. is it true?