Get chrome-extension://invalid/ net::err_failed image (async)

I am getting an error when i go to meeting page. I have integrated to my django project. Firefox works well. But chrome browser is giving an below error,

get chrome-extension://invalid/ net::err_failed image (async)

Can anyone help to go ahead?

This you can ignore it.

But this error does not allowing to start meeting. The chrome hangs!!


Hum, maybe share the example code you use.
I have no problem using the example jitsi-meet/api.html at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

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function StartMeeting(){

    const domain = '';

    const options = {

        roomName: 'JitsiMeetAPIExample123',

        width: '100%',

        height: '100%',

        parentNode: document.querySelector('#jitsi-meet-conf-container'),

        onload: function () {

        //    alert('loaded');





        interfaceConfigOverwrite: {




    api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

    return api;


Note: Chrome incognito is not become hang! But normal chrome is showing that error!

Sounds like a cache issue then. Try clearing your cache in Chrome.

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Exactly! Thanks for help!

@damencho @Freddie I’ve had the same thing happen on JaaS (Chrome extension invalid error on JaaS). I would like to know the underlying cause, because normal users will not know to clear the cache if it happens to them.

Wow! Have you solved that? My one is solved by deleting cache